One-man exhibitions:
1990           “Book Illustrations”, the Youth Wing of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (with Gali-Dana Singer)
1991           “Neo-Eclecticism I”, Art Center, Natanya
1991           “Neo-Eclecticism II”, David Gallery, Jerusalem
1993           “Inside – Outside”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem
1994           “Transparent Things”, Trouble Space Studio, Jerusalem
1996           “The Balcony”, “Phenomena” Festival, Jerusalem (with Gali-Dana Singer)
1996           “Robinson Crusoe and Other Biblical Heroes”, Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1999           “Squaring The Circle”, The Be’ery Gallery
2010           "Ugligraphy Lessons"Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem

The main group exhibitions:
1993           “Art fosters Art”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem
1994           “Bograshov the Street”, Bograshov Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1996           “Artists – Messengers of Peace”, The Land of Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv   
1997           “60 Years of COOP”, the Land of Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv (with Gali-Dana Singer)
1998           “The Garden – a Metaphor”, the Jerusalem Botanical Garden
1998           “Show Me What Do You Throw Away”, the Environmental Happening, Jerusalem (with Gali-Dana Singer)
1998           “Flag – Nation – Flag”, the Pyramid Centre, Haifa
1998           “Man’s Will and Honor”, the Centre of Congresses, Jerusalem
1999           “Drap-Art – Barcelona”, the Jerusalem Theatre (with Gali-Dana Singer)
1999                     “Wasteland”, the New Gallery, Jerusalem
1999           “It Turns – Original or Fake”, the Givataim Theatre
2000           “33×33×33”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem
2000           “The Israeli Identity”, the Jerusalem Theatre
2000           “The Creo Scitex Penguin Parade”, Tel-Aviv
2001           “Passageways”, the international travelling exhibition (In Israel: Children’s Museum, Holon)
2002           “Lions in Jerusalem-1”
2003            “The Israeli Object”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem / The Science MuseumHaifa 
2003           “Lions in Jerusalem-2”
2006           “VITA NUOVA”, The New Gallery, Jerusalem
2008           "A story to see",  International Web-Project 
2011            Women in The Bible, Beth Gabriel, Kinereth
2011            Eco-Art, G'vanim Gallery, Kibbuz Ha-ogen
2011            The Stone Project,  Substation #9 Gallery, Hammond, Indiana, USA