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Victoria said...

Dear Mr. Singer,

My name is Victoria Shaldova, I am an executive director of Jewish community "Shamir", Riga, Latvia.

Activity of "Shamir" is aimed to commemorating the memory of Latvian Jews. The most significant project of us is Latvian Jewish Encyclopedia, which gathers information about all the Jews, connected to Latvia. It will be a memorial for the Latvian Jews, which do not exist now. We have gathered already more than 1 500 biographic and thematic entries and it is a half of the proposed amount.

As far as I know you lived in Riga for some time. it will be an hnor for us to include information about ypu into the Encyclopedia.

More, I'm interested in information about Shulamit Sharah. As far as I know, you are familiar to her husband David. Could you forward her/him my request.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

thank you in advance,

Victoria Shaldova

Religious community "Shamir"
tel. + 371 67270827
mob. + 371 26517506
fax. + 371 67271793

Gali-Dana said...

Hello, Victoria!
Thanks for your letter and for the invitation.
My wife Gali-Dana, who is a poet and an artist, and I lived in Riga for three years. In case it is enough long time to be included in the Latvian Jewish Encyclopedia we will be proud to be included.
I'll send your letter to Shulamith Shahar gladly. I translated and Gali-Dana edited two of David Shahar's novels into Russian.
He is our favourite Hebrew writer and we miss him since his death in 1997.
All the best.


PS By the way, can we communicate in Russian?